Integrative Psychotherapy

Therapy, counseling, & psychotherapeutic treatment works by learning to open up and talk about difficult problems, process painful emotions, and to explore areas of vulnerability while trying out new behaviors. Effective therapeutic treatment and counseling often requires going into these areas to experience true healing.  In my Santa Rosa psychotherapy practice, I always make it my first priority to create a warm, safe, and nurturing place for true therapeutic treatment. To facilitate this process, as a professional psychologist, I accept and never judge what you discuss. Compassion and understanding have been the principles guiding my Santa Rosa Psychology Practice for over 20 years.

After you begin to explore difficult problems and emotions, then other techniques or approaches might be used to make changes. Since every person is unique, I strive to match the approach to the individual. There are five facets or sides that inform the way I practice: intuitive/creative, rational/scientific, practical, psychodynamic, and  mindfulness.


I use my intuitive/creative side to tune into what may lay beneath outer problems. This side can facilitate presence, observation, and curiosity about internal experiences or reactions to situations and events (rather than getting caught up or stuck in the reaction, they pass through you). I use this side to draw out your creative, intuitive depths. From this perspective I often borrow from my training at the CG Jung Institute in San Francisco, where I completed my internship.

Tools & Techniques: Depth therapy, Jungian, Active Imagination, Dream interpretation, Inner work on Images/Sensations/Thoughts, Depth oriented hypnotherapy, Creative Journaling, Art Therapy


My rational/scientific side is grounded in the latest, most advanced forms of clinical research into the mind or inner world of people, especially regarding what promotes healthy change. I am well versed in the latest science in conducting effective therapy. From here, I may apply any of the newest cognitive and behavioral approaches to identify hidden thoughts and beliefs that are getting in the way; or I may help to develop motivation to face obstacles that have been avoided using the most recent behavioral interventions.  I also use my practical side during Therapy sessions. While reflection is welcomed and encouraged, I can be interactive and practical in my approach. I do not just sit there saying nothing while you feel uncomfortable and do not know what to say. I help search and explore what is going on inside to get to the heart of things, to find answers.

Tools & Techniques: Evidence & science based, CBT for Anxiety, CBT for Depression, CBT for Trauma, EMDR, DBT, Exposure Therapy, Communication Skills, Imagery Rehearsal Training

Psychodynamic/Family of Origin

My psychodynamic side spots areas where past, unfinished issues are still active. The past is what shapes and makes us into who we are right now. In a way, the past lives in the current moment. But what happens when what was learned is hurting you now? Using psychodynamic techniques you discover and work through past issues to address the underlying ones that are still active. The result is greater freedom to live in the “here and now”, unburdened by the past.

Tools & Techniques: Exploring the past to create freedom for the present, Trauma release Techniques, Developmental Blockage Relief, Relief of fixated Emotions, Exploratory Hypnotherapy


I have a deep appreciation for mindfulness to help you differentiate authentic feelings from unnecessary “suffering”.  I incorporate mindfulness principles and techniques into my work with individuals and couples. From this perspective I might help orient you to the here and now of what you are experiencing in the moment.

Tools & Techniques: Mindfulness Based Therapy, A Focus on Calming, Practices to induce being highly present, Centering Techniques, Grounding Methods, Breathing Retraining, Meditations to promote healing

Practical and Skill Building

I aim to help you learn practical skills that are geared towards creating solutions for difficult problems.  While I value self reflection and the complex nature of human problems, I also help you on a very practical level and try to keep a clear focus on your goals.  I help you identify and clarify important life goals with an aim to restoring proper motivation to move beyond what stops you from attaining your goals.

Tools & Techniques: Interactive & active approach, Solution Focused, Goal Development &  Attainment, Active Listening, Assertiveness Training, Communication Skill Development, DBT, Motivational Interviewing

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