Enhance Emotional Growth- Grow together in a loving way!Santa Rosa Marriage Therapy and Couples Counseling Therapy causes a reconnection; Dr. Eric Ryan in Santa Rosa, CA

Is your relationship stuck or limping along with the same old unhelpful patterns in place?  Just as a child grows into adulthood, your relationship needs to grow!  You can learn to grow together emotionally in a loving and caring way.  My focus is to promote emotional growth both individually and as a couple.  I foster relationship growth through awareness of destructive unresolved emotions that are keeping your relationship stunted and unhealthy.  Couples then learn to overcome these destructive emotions, which block positive emotions like love and joy.  I use Depth Therapy and Emotion focusing techniques to get to the heart of the matter, to move through unresolved emotions and connect in a loving, intimate way.

Experience Understanding and Empathy- Understand one another at the deepest level possible!

Do you feel like your partner does not really understand you as a person?  The need to feel understood, to have your partner really “get” all the different parts that make you a unique person, is vital in healthy relationships.  In loving relationships, our partners can be our greatest allies (or critics).  Fostering awareness and understanding Couples Counselor in Santa Rosa. Solve couples problems, fall back in love; Eric Ryan, PhD Psychologist, of yourselves as individuals in a loving relationship can transform your relationship creating deep levels of empathy and caring.  During the process of Couples or Marital Therapy, I take time to draw out aspects of each one of you, gradually and in a safe, supportive manner, so that your partner comes to know you on a deeper level.  I use Depth Therapy and Emotion Focusing techniques to achieve this goal.  Once you get to know each other as individuals, you learn new ways to support one another in your journey together.

Improve Communication- Feel heard and validated by your partner!

Do you feel like your partner does not listen?  Do you have trouble expressing yourself?  Do you have trouble listening to your partner without getting caught up in a reaction?  Communication is a two way street involving listening, so your partner feels heard, and communicating in a non defensive way, so your partner hears what you are saying, rather than reacting.  When you really tune into your partner and hear them, it creates a bridge of connection that can be truly healing.  I use a specialized process of listening and responding that optimizes your connection with your partner so that both of you feel heard and validated, resulting in greater intimacy and understanding.

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