Couples and Marital Therapy

Santa Rosa Marriage and Couples Counseling provides relief for couples problemsI have enjoyed helping couples lead more satisfying and intimate relationships for over 20 years.  During Couples Therapy I use a variety of approaches to actively address your concerns.  I have worked with many different couples, both gay and straight, including well-established relationships and brand new ones.  Since every Couple is unique with their own special needs, I match the approach to the Couple and may use any of the methods I previously described (see Individual Therapy).   Improving Communication, Promoting Emotional Growth, and fostering Understanding and Empathy are major areas of focus during Couples Therapy.

Below is a sample of problems that commonly brought people into Couples or Marital Therapy with me:

  • Communication problems, Difficulty listening and responding resulting in hurt, anger, frustration, and resentment.
  • Lack of intimacy, Lack of passion/interest, Sexual problems, “Falling out of Love.”
  • Barriers to Trust, Infidelity, Betrayal, Unresolved hurt and/or anger, Growing apart or leading “separate or parallel lives.”
  • Marital or Couples Distress caused by external stressors like: Parenting problems, “not on same page in raising kids,” Problems with children or other family members, Conflicts with job and family, Problems with living situation, difficult in-laws, etc.
  • Not working at Full Potential as a couple, Blocks to feeling like a “team,” Impediments to deeper levels of connection.
  • Recovering families, Alcohol/Drugs and Codependency, Dealing with a chemically dependent family member.
  • Miscellaneous Couples Issues, Pre-marital Counseling, Estate Planning Impasses, Many other types of Couples and Marital Issues, and many other concerns!

In a highly confidential and safe environment, I focus on three major areas:

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