A recent article in the New York Times speaks to the value of a male perspective in psychotherapy: “Need Therapy? A Good Man Is Hard To Find”

I have encountered just about every problem under the sun and enjoy working with both women and men.  There is no compelling research that I know of which shows that gender plays a large role in effective Therapy.  The vast majority of people benefit from Therapy regardless of the gender of the therapist.  It is the therapist’s experience and ability to empathize that helps form a solid therapeutic alliance, not gender.

I have successfully treated women who never considered treatment by a male therapist before seeing me, fearing they would not be understood or feel as close to their therapist.  I have rarely found this to be the case.  Women who were initially uncertain about seeing me felt this way only briefly.  Some of my female clients said it was helpful and refreshing talking with a male therapist, resulting in a different perspective than if they talked with a female therapist.  Still others told me that working closely with a male therapist helped them have a “corrective experience” since they had been hurt by men in the past.  As a result of the therapy, they were able to more fully process their issues that were brought up by seeing a male therapist.

If you have concerns, please talk to me and I will be sensitive and responsive.  My main interest is fostering as safe and nurturing an environment as possible!

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